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'For our sins' 2023

Freya the walrus

She is in the fetal position. Like a sleeping child. But those who know the conscience and the history, will think of her death. This is where the art comes. To be able to balance between several possible outcomes, and create a narrative that makes one think of their own answers. 

I have not created a news picture, but a picture that can initiate conversations about coexistence in all kinds of forms. I have prepared an invitation for historians, philosophers, anthropologists, psychologists, social scientists and biologists to be able to discuss, evaluate and measure society, until we can move in a new and evolved direction.

Astri Tonoian


'For our sins'

Bronze sculpture unveiled at Kongen Marina in Oslo april 29, 2023

Photo: Eirik Anzjøn/NOAH


Sculpture by Astri Tonoian

Photo: Annika Byrde/NTB


About the project

Photo: Rune Aae

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